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Sattyananda - Internal Activities

Largely beatless, the emphasis is on a pensive relaxation of the sounds, then the mind. Organic instruments come into play: flute, sarangi, santoor, sitar and vocals add an extra dimension to the synths and sequencers. But the real draw here is that Sattyananda is someone who genuinely believes in something. He is true to his music and audience. Through the whole album there is a sense of calmness. These are tracks that are perfect for rainy days and lonely evenings. Internal Activities is really a piece of art.


01 Intro - Prayer
02 Liquid Rising
03 Internal Activity
04 Peace Through Inner Peace
05 Inner Knowledge
06 Angel
07 Acid Logic
08 Bhairavi Mahadev
09 Atmospheric Tallz
10 Space Fields (Feat. Amaan & Ayaan Ali Khan)


Label: Dada Music
Catalog#: CD DA 60001
Year: 2006
Country: India
Format: MP3 VBR
Size: 89.68 MB

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