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Bobby Beausoleil - Lucifer Rising - Soundtrack


This is everything we were hoping it would be and should be expected of from a soundtrack composed by a convicted killer (and acquaintance of Charles Manson) to a 70's cult underground movie that celebrates and serves as an apologia for that most misunderstood and denigrated deity, Lucifer.

Lucifer Rising is the short film from experimental filmmaker and confessed Satanist Kenneth Anger who had already made a few shorts before his first attempt at making Lucifer Rising in the late 60s.

Along with the trippy Lucifer Rising soundtrack on disc one, we also get the once-lost early demos and jams that formed the basis for the soundtrack proper.

This is the real deal, not Jimmy Page's shit.


Disc 1:

01 Part I
02 Part II
03 Part III
04 Part IV
05 Part V
06 Part VI

Disc 2:

01 Punjab's Barber (Excerpt) / (With the Orkustra)
02 Flash Gordon (Except) / (With the Orkustra)
03 Lucifer Rising Recording Session (1967) / (With the Magick Powerhouse of Oz
04 Lucifer Rising Session (1977-1978) / (With the Freedom Orchestra)

Label: Arcanum Ent.


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