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Kang Eun-Il - Ancient Futures

This is the original soundtrack from the movie The Bow (Hwal) by Kim Ki-duk.
The main instrument is called Haegum and if you want feel some of the korean traditional music you want to try this one :)


01 초수대엽 - Cho soo dae yup (Chosudaeyeop)
02비에 젖은 해금- Bi Eh Jut Jeun Hae Geum (A Wet Haegum With Rain)
03 웽이자랑 - Wongijarang (Cheju Lullaby)
04 헤이 야 - Hei Ya
05 오래된 미래 - Oh Rae Dwen Mi Rae (Ancient Futures)
06 Fade Out
07 비상- Bi Sang (Soaring)
08 낡은 마루 - Nal Geun Ma Roo Ba Dak (Old Floor)
09 라다끄의 여인 - Ladakh eh Yuh In (Ladahk's Women)


Label: YBM Seoul Recods
Year: 2003
Country: Korea
Format: MP3
Size: 59mb


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