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VA - Stofstuk (Machinefabriek Remixed)

Stofstuk is a single song by Machinefabriek that with only 5 and a half minutes was capable of inspiring 36 remixes that can be considered unique pieces by themselves. At first i only met the Julien Neto remix, but later when my curiosity didn't allow me to just listen to that beautiful piecei had to check the whole collection. The remixes are incredible and made by great composers such like Wouter van Veldhoven, Luigi Archetti, Robert Deters , Lukas Simonis and Steinbrüchel, to name a few. The collection contains only 26 remixes and the original song, therefore i add the other 10 that were posted some time ago in the Machinefabriek page, this last affirmation it's just a suposition and i actually got them somewhere else. I hope you enjoy them since this is a priceless collection.

CD 1                                    CD 2                                        Extras
01 Stofstuk                            01 Remixed by Lesser                 01 Remixed by Marcus Fjellström
02 Remixed by Freiband           02 Remixed By Jeroen Vandesande 02 Remixed by Fog
03 Remixed by Peter Broderick  03 Remixed by Tim Coster             03 Remixed by Robert Deters
04 Remixed by Jgrzinich           04 Remixed by Pita                      04 Remixed by Haruki
05 Remixed by Kim Cascone      05 Remixed by Svarte Greiner        05 Remixed by Library Tapes
06 Remixed by Greg Haines       06 Remixed by The No                 06 Remixed by Blevin Blectum
07 Remixed by Xela                 07 Remixed by Adam Pacione        07 Remixed by Wixel
08 Remixed by Mark Templeton 08 Remixed by Henrik Rylander       08 Remixed by Jasper TX
09 Remixed By Jefre                09 Remixed by Chris Herbert          09 Remixed by Wouter van
Cantu-Ledesma                                                                          Veldhoven
10 Remixed by Mitchell Akiyama 10 Remixed by Julien Neto            10 Remixed by Tsukimono
11 Remixed by Aaron Martin      11 Remixed by Lukas Simonis          
12 Remixed by Strangelet         12 Remixed by Gert-Jan Prins
13 Remixed by Alva Noto          13 Remixed by Steinbrüchel
14 Remixed by Luigi Archetti
Machinefabriek Self Released 
Year: 2007
Country: The Netherlands
Format: MP3 (Disc 1 & 2 are at 256kbps and Extras are at 192kbps)
Size: Disc 1 109mb, Disc 2 117mb, Extras 73mb
Download:  Part 1 / Part 2 / Extras

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